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Friday, November 19, 2010

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What's the Difference Between a Green Screen and a Virtual Set? A lot!

Green Screen or Virtual Set?

The most common phrase when one sees a Virtual Set is to say, "I've seen that, it's a green screen."  It's actually not a green screen.  Here's the important distinction:  A green screen is like the weather map, a person stands in front of a green screen, they are "keyed out" of the scene (meaning cut out from the green background - which is why the background is mono-chromatic in the first place), then in place of the green a new background is inserted, like a weather map. But it never feels like the person is in the weather map, just in front of it.

A Virtual Set uses the same green screen to cut out the people from the background, but that's where the similarity ends. With a Virtual Set a sophisticated CAD program is used to create a 3 dimensional environment, a room for instance, and the people are then placed inside that room, creating the illusion of true 3-dimensional reality. This is accomplished with the help of tracking computers that create a 3-dimensional grid in the room thus tracking each person's movement and filling in the virtual environment around them. MBM's Answers Media has the only 3 camera, high definition Virtual Set in America.

View a CyberSet® Broadcast or take a behind the scenes tour and learn how the magic is created. To learn more about how to Webcast a meeting and how to create a Streaming Video Webcast such as this for your company or organization, visit Contact us to learn about how to Webcast in Chicago at MBM Consortium Company TV studios, Answers Media (the original home of The Oprah Show) or call upon MBM to Webcast from anywhere around the world using our crews located on every continent.

MBM  Productions International is a meeting planning company, an av production company and a communication company specializing specializes in Pharmaceutical Webcasting, Financial and Insurance Webcasting, Healthcare Webcasting, Automotive Webcasting, Technology Industry Webcasting, and other industry specific Webcasting, as well as pharma meeting planning for in-person meetings and full service turn-key AV production.

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