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Friday, November 19, 2010

Stunning SimuLyve® Set Saves Lives


The Allergy and Asthma Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating deaths and suffering caused by asthma, allergies and related conditions, recently launched an innovative program that pairs allergists with volunteers in 150 communities across the U.S. Volunteers involved in the Anaphylaxis Community Experts (ACEs) program, created in partnership with the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) and sponosred by Dey Pharma, LP, conduct educational sessions about anaphylaxis - a life-threatening allergic reaction. But before volunteers could help save lives in their communities, they needed training. 

AANMA's challenge: How to train an entire network of allergists and community volunteers scattered across the country?

AANMA President and Founder Nancy Sander turned to MBM Productions International to brainstorm ideas. First they considered an in person meeting of medical professionals from the 150 communities involved in the program. They abandoned this option though when they realized that such a meeting could cost $2-3,000 per person.

The solution: Webcasting. But AANMA and MBM agreed that they wanted something that went beyond ordinary Webcasting. The production would be much more than merely slides with a voice, a method that couldn't properly relay the complex information or engage the audience. Instead, AANMA opted for an interactive live video streaming Webcast from MBM Consortium studios, Answer Media. During the video Webcast the panel of experts engaged the audience face-to-face, answered live questions from the audience and even certified the viewers, ensuring that every ACEs volunteer is qualified to help conduct educational programs about anaphylaxis in their community

The result looked just like TV. The Webcast was shot on a virtual set known as a CyberSet®, and branded to the ACEs program. The video Webcast production was similar in cost to a simple slide-and-voice Webcast and 85% less than the cost of an in person meeting.

How do we know MBM's Streaming Video Webcast with AANMA was a success? The 150 participants asked more than 200 questions, a good indicator that they were engaged during the hour long broadcast.

To learn more about how to Webcast a meeting and how to create a Streaming Video Webcast such as this for your company or organization, visit  Contact us to learn about how to Webcast in Chicago at MBM Consortium Company TV studios, Answers Media (the original home of The Oprah Show) or call upon MBM to Webcast from anywhere around the world using our crews located on every continent.

MBM  Productions International is a meeting planning company, an av production company and a communication company specializing in Pharmaceutical Webcasting, Financial and Insurance Webcasting, Healthcare Webcasting, Live Surgical Webcasting, Automotive Webcasting, Technology Industry Webcasting, and other industry specific Webcasting, as well as pharma meeting planning for in-person meetings and full service turn-key AV production. 

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