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Friday, August 21, 2015

When Was The First Virtual 2-way Video Meeting Held?

Would you be surprised to learn that it was in 1968?  That's over 50 years ago, yet today, the majority of virtual meetings are still slide audio meetings with at most an added webcam.

It's time we change that. To learn how email and we'll show you how what began in 1968 has evolved to high-tech TV that's available to you for your next virtual meeting through SimuLyve. 

Now let's look at where it all began in 1968...

American Inventor and computer pioneer Douglas Carl Engelbert demonstrate the world’s first 2-way videoconference, which took place surprisingly in 1968, nearly 50 years ago.  During this demo, referred to as “The Mother of All Demos,” watch Doug demonstrate his other inventions; desktop sharing, virtual meetings and his most famous invention, the computer mouse. A full version of this demo is available upon request. 

It’s 47 years since Doug’s groundbreaking two-way videoconference and yet most webcasts today are still slides narrated by a phone call with at best a mediocre webcam.  We don’t have to accept these “Death by PowerPoint” webcasts anymore, as they’re not so affectionately called. We didn’t have to accept them in 1968, we don’t have to accept them today.  With tools such as SimuLyve, we can now create two-way interactive HD broadcast quality meetings over the web that would have made Doug proud!

So what is SimuLyve? It's an amazing new alternative to in-person meetings invented by CEO and Founder of MBM Productions International, Steven Sulkin.  It’s most commonly referred to as two-way interactive HD television over the web purpose built for corporate meetings. SimuLyve was initially invented for Pharmaceutical Investigator Meetings, but it's now used for every imaginable meeting type across hundreds of industries.

We all like to meet in person.  The question isn't in-person versus virtual. The real question is when in-person meetings can't be held due to budget or time constraints, what's the next best alternative?  It's SimuLyve.   Instead of the typical webcast, imagine a virtual meeting that feels like 2-way interactive television. That's SimuLyve. And from a cost standpoint, SimuLyve will save from 80-95% over in-person meetings.

We can learn a lot from Doug Englerbert, this pioneer of human-computer interaction whose team also developed hypertext, networked computers, and precursors to graphical user interfaces.  We can learn that we must not accept the norm; we must not accept mediocrity when exceptional is at not only possible, but there for the taking.

As Mr. Englebert felt, 2-way video communication will not only be a nicety, “but a necessity to help cope with the world's increasingly urgent and complex problems.”

It's Not Webcasting, It's SimuLyve®.

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