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Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Stay Secure Online and Off

When you log onto to an online webcast or you attend a physical meeting, you assume your data, your presentations and your words are secure.

But are they?

First, let's look at risk of virtual meetings verses physical meetings. Would it
surprise you that your risk is often greater at a physical meeting than a virtual
one?  The reason for this is because contrary to what you hear on the news, some of the easiest ways to put your confidential information at risk is to allow someone to hear it or take it from you while you are out and about in the real world.  

For instance, how hard or easy would it be to have your laptop stolen, for someone to pick up a piece of paper at your meeting or simply sit in on your meeting when they weren't invited?  When's the last time you were carefully checked and ID'd every time you walked in and out of your meeting at a hotel? 

When did you last see security guards at every entrance to the ballroom scanning badges and matching against IDs?  Maybe at a convention this occurs to some degree, but rarely is that standard practice at the typical corporate meetings like an investigato meeting.  The reality of physical meetings is that they take place at hotels where ballrooms have many entrances and security is scanty or non-existent.

Now, let's compare SimuLyve virtual meetings.  The most important security measure you can take with virtual meetings is to ensure that you have the type of online security in place as we do at SimuLyve.  Our cloud servers are at a location with biometric authentication and a whole host of state of the art securities and backup procedures.  Our strict well developed protocols regarding the complicated world of version control ensure that your data you present is your most up to date data. Viewers to our virtual meetings are uploaded to pre-populated credential protected databases to ensure that only approved attendees can enter the meeting. When viewers log on they attest that they are the viewer associated with the credentials they entered - a legal protection for you. Viewers' IP addresses and movements throughout the virtual meeting are tracked. Many of the above procedures aren't even possible at physical meetings and the ones that are, are rarely enacted during physical meetings.

At SimuLyve we follow the highest standards and practices of security, backup and authentication in the industry.  We understand not only engineering security but also the world of investigator meetings and their unique needs.  Just as you protect your data for the study, you need to ensure you're working with a company that protects the data at your meetings, both virtual and physical.

We at SimuLyve produce both physical and virtual meetings and are committed to making both experiences exceptionally secure.  Secure online. Secure in-person.

It's Not Webcasting, It's SimuLyve®

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