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Monday, January 23, 2017

Is Anyone Out There?

Ensure Your Webcast is Watched

Content is king. Of all the tactics used during webcasting to increase engagement (polling, Q&A, etc.) the only truly successful way to ensure an engaged audience is to produce professional virtual medical content that people actually want to watch. Imagine if the Game of Thrones was a dry Powerpoint presentation?  No one would watch it.  The same applies even to investigator meetings. The reason people don't want to watch the typical investigator meeting webcast is because it's not watchable.  

Your webcast doesn't have to be the Game of Thrones, but it doesn't
have to be unwatchable either. A typical webcast, which is a slide narrated by
a phone call or a video that's merely a head shot of the presenter at the podium,
doesn't come close to simulating a face-to-face meeting.  No one wants to watch
it.  Ask people if they like meetings that are webcast and they almost universally
say no, when their only exposure is to the typical.

The solution is to learn from the TV industry. Television knows how to engage an
audience. They've been simulating the real world since the 50's. But corporations
often lag behind the technological times in communication and webcasting.
We at SimuLyve® come from the television industry and use television technology  to create virtual SimuLyve Investigator meetings that engage and therefore truly educate audiences.  The bottom line of an investigator meeting is that you must relay the protocol.  If no one watches the meeting because they're not engaged, they won't learn the protocol and this will cost you dearly down the road as the study progresses.

To ensure our viewers watch our SimuLyve Virtual Investigator Meetings and like
them as much or more than face-to-face meetings, we do what the news does.  Our crews around the world videotape your presenters wherever they are.  We edit that videotape by combining the presenter and their presentation through sophisticated editing techniques. Then we stream that engaging video live to a virtual audience who can ask questions and interact with each other, simulating the in-person experience.

That's why it's called SimuLyve®.

Once your viewers are engaged and online, SimuLyve's sophisticated tracking begins to ensure you know "who's out there" and what they've accomplished.  We track their IP, what they've watched, their test scores, their certifications and all else they do while they're on the SimuLyve Network. Then we share that data with you in detailed audit-ready reports so that you know exactly who's trained on your protocol.

Watch this 1 minute TED talk

You'll see exactly what we mean when we say...

It's Not Webcasting, It's SimuLyve®

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