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Monday, January 23, 2017

SimuLyve® Transforms Clinical Trial Training World

What's SimuLyve? As its name implies SimuLyve simulates the in-person meeting experience using our proprietary process of pre-recording presentations live at your presenter's locations around the world, editing that video to look as professional as television, then streaming the video live or on demand to a virtual audience over the SimuLyve Network.  We've been producing SimuLyve virtual meetings for 17 years. Once you've experienced SimuLyve, you'll never go back to traditional webcasting.

SimuLyve On Demand for Clinical Training Solves Budget & Legal Issues

It's commonplace that GCP, SAE Reporting, Publications, OC/RDC and other similar clinical trainings are presented in person redundantly at every Investigator meeting. We've all been there. It's late in the afternoon on the second day of an investigator meeting, the audience has dwindled to just a few and for hours, presenters are speaking to almost no one. The net result being that during most face-to-face meetings many HCPs aren't certified on important patient safety and legal matters, which is a signifiant and real audit risk for the sponsor.  This scenario gets played out at tens of thousands of investigator meetings every year, wasting enormous funds, making1 day meetings into 2 day meetings and importantly, not disseminating the informationto proper audit standards because almost no one is in the audience to listen to it and therefore most of the audience leaves the face-to-face meeting un-certified.

SimuLyve has changed all of that and now for millions of healthcare providers they can be trained, tested and verifiably certified on GCP, SAE, OC/RDC and similar trainings in the SimuLyve cloud at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face training.SimuLyve On Demand for Clinical Trial Training will reduce the length of your investigatormeeting by up to a day and at the same time HCPs will be certified by SimuLyve, a legally binding process protecting patients and sponsors of studies. This will save significant budget and guarantee that your site staff will be in compliance with government regulations and your own company's policies regarding GCP, SAE and other training.

SimuLyve Investigator Meetings, Virtual People Want to Watch

SimuLyve is similarly transforming the investigator meeting itself.  It's nice to
meet in person, we all want to. So the question isn't in-person meetings versus 
virtual. The real question is when you can't hold an in-person meeting because of budget or time constraints or you've simply decided it's no longer prudent in today's world to waste millions of dollars unnecessarily on a face-to-face meeting, what's your next best alternative? Before SimuLyve there were only two choices: travel and spend millions on face-to-face meetings or hold the universally loathed "Death by Powerpoint" slide audio webcast. But now there's a third alternative, SimuLyve®.

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It's Not Webcasting, It's SimuLyve®

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