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Saturday, March 21, 2020

COVID-19.  We’re Committed to Help.
The world is coming together to end COVID-19 and SimuLyve® is committed, and frankly honored, to do our part to help in the vital role of producing virtual meetings for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our virtual meeting planners are also helping financial, insurance and manufacturing communicate to the world, so that they can continue business operations despite travel restrictions and cancelled meetings.  

As an Adobe Connect partner and producer, we are working with one of the most reliable networks in the world.  Adobe, as we have at SimuLyve, has evaluated their infrastructure to ensure its scalability for streamlined, consistent access throughout this crisis.

We’re here to help. Please contact us and we will be happy to lend support in any way we can to assist you in converting your face-to-face meetings so that they can be broadcast on the SimuLyve® Virtual Network.

SimuLyve® Virtual. Bring Your Meetings Into The Future.
Since 1977, initially via satellite and since 1989 over the Internet, SimuLyve® has been providing virtual meetings to the corporate world that are interactive and unfailingly reliable.

What Is SimuLyve? 
SimuLyve® is more than a platform, we are a virtual meeting planning global corporation with an end-to-end service that manages every aspect of your corporate virtual meeting, from invitations and registration to virtual meeting production.
Supporting Pharma, Healthcare, Financial, and Technology.
SimuLyve is used extensively in pharmaceutical meetings, healthcare, financial, insurance, engineering, technology, telecommunications and manufacturing.

SimuLyve® Simulates the Experience of a Face-To-Face Meeting.
As our name SimuLyve® implies, SimuLyve® simulates the experience of a face-to-face meeting, so that viewers online feel like they’ve attended an in-person meeting, engaging and interactive.

The Model for SimuLyve Is Broadcast Television.
Our model for virtual meetings is right in front of you, your TV. SimuLyve is live interactive 2-way Internet television.   There is absolutely no reason that virtual meetings shouldn’t use the well-honed techniques of television and be indistinguishable from an engaging BBC or CNN broadcast. Television technology has existed for over 70 years and those of us from the television industry know how to use these technologies to create engaging virtual meetings.

How is the Magic of SimuLyve® Created?
First, we film your presenters wherever they’re located, or we capture their video images remotely. We have crews virtually everywhere, in Basel, Switzerland, Germany, New Jersey, Chicago, Horsham England, California, Hyderabad, India, all over the world, who film presenters every day.  We edit that film into an engaging SimuLyve®video and stream it live to a virtual audience.  That’s SimuLyve.  SimuLyve® is the best of both worlds, pre-recorded so that it’s accurate and powerfully engaging, but streamed live, so that your audience can interact and ask questions just as if they were face-to-face.

Contact Us.
To see a live demonstration or to book a SimuLyve® Virtual Meeting, contact or call us toll free in the U.S. at 1.888.MBM.MTGS (1.888.626.6847) or globally at +1.847.478.5200.

It's Not Webcasting, It's SimuLyve®

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